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                              NHP NEW HORZION PROPERTIES - OUR STORY 
Rae Shel Corporation is family owned and operated and was founded in 1962 by Clifford Larson. In 1997, his son Sheldon took over the business and changed the name to New Horizon Properties. Since its inception, the company has owned and managed hundreds of thousands square feet of retail, office, industrial and warehouse space, as well as apartment communities in both New York and Arizona.  The company has focused on the acquisition of under-performing properties and turning them around through restaffing, renovations and proper marketing.  We credit our great team of professional mangers and employees with having made the difference between success and failure through their effort, hard work and determination. Our philosophy is simple: we strive to exceed our tenant's expectations by giving each tenant fast and courteous service.  By self managing, we can react quickly to ever-changing market conditions, and resolve any issue that may arise quickly and professionally.  We have accomplished  this by eliminating the need to deal with third parties or management companies.
Sheldon's two children, Garrett and Shayna have joined the family business to carry on with the same standards that their grandfather started in 1962. 
 President - Sheldon Larson
Vice President & Secretary - Garrett Larson
Vice President & Co-Secretary - Shayna Larson
Treasurer & V.P of Rental Operations- Liz Borboa

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